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Our Services

VNAV geospatial offer a number of geospatially related services. With over 35 years of experience we are able to understand client needs and focus on delivering products and solutions that offer exceptional value for money to our clients. Our values include fostering long lasting relationships with our clients by building trust and delivering professional services which are driven by our staff who are passionate about what they do.

Professional GIS services

As a professionally registered GIS practitioners, we provide expert GIS services covering a wide range of disciplines including:


•Database setup & management
•GIS mapping services
•Large scale digitising
•Estates, farms, cadastral, buildings, golf course, boundary mapping
•3D building and feature mapping


Farm services &
Precision Agriculture

Farm imagery

•High resolution drone imagery (colour and multispectral capabilities)

•Satellite imagery for monitoring purposes

GIS Farm mapping

•Farm master plans and maps

•Farm mapping (field boundaries with attributes (crop type, plant date, field size, variety etc.),infrastructure, roads, rivers, drainage, catchment areas & land use)

•Dam placement planning / runoff calculations

•Out growers field mapping and database building

Farm monitoring

•Monthly monitoring using crop health indices (NDVI, EVI and others) and monthly report backs

•Local investigations on affected/stressed areas above using drones

•Full GIS support for decision making purposes

Farm Planning

•Full topographic survey (imagery, DEM, contour data) required to implement farm planning or design decisions.

•Full database design and management


Geospatial Services

•LiDAR surveys & processing

•Photogrammetric processing

•Topographical surveys

•Automated land use mapping

•Time series analysis

•Volumetric surveys

•Stockpile surveys

•Ground Control Point (GCP) surveys

•Road, rail, pipeline & powerline surveys

•Soil & vegetation surveys

•Drainage mapping & analysis

•Dam site identification, volume and area calculations

Remote Sensing Services

•Large and small scale aerial surveys

•Satellite imagery

•Oblique imagery & viewers

•3D models

•Change detection mapping and monitoring


•Drone surveys (RGB and Multispectral)

•Thermal imagery

•NDVI crop monitoring imagery and support

•Change detection mapping and monitoring

•Aerial photographic services


Land Suitability Assessments

•Land management analysis

•Crop suitability assessments based on defined topographic, climatic and anthropogenic variables

•Land Audits

•Dam Site identification & Volume & Area calculation


Asset & People Surveys

•Client engagements

•Stakeholder engagements

•In field planning of asset survey

•Design of asset survey forms appropriate to the type of survey

•Project Affected People (PAP) registrations

•Deployment of GPS’s / Data collection / Asset Survey team(s)

•Daily data upload and management

•Database and reports

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